EU GDPR implementation / compliance works

EU GDPR implementation / compliance works

EU GDPR implementation / compliance works

Through direct involvement, we provide counselling regarding data protection and GDPR implementation for your organization or for the campaign.
More specifically, we offer our services for:

Readiness Assessment

  • Assessment workshop of your current compliancy status and outline of the necessary steps to achieve compliance with the GDPR.

Data Inventory

  • Help for understanding and documenting the current personal data held by your business and the various data flows
  • Data flow mapping assistance (to assess privacy risks, businesses must map data and information flows)
  • Assessment of current data protection procedures

Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment

  • Technology functionality gap analysis (assessment of your current technology capabilities with the requirements of the GDPR) and necessary remediation planning, including technical solutions recommendations
  • Tailored strategic roadmap to help your business achieve full compliance with the GDPR
  • Preparation of risk analysis schemas and required document templates.

Data Protection

  • Working together to implement the data protection program needed to achieve and maintain compliance with the GDPR
  • Development of compliant marketing, operational and customer support procedures
  • Documented evidence to support compliance with the GDPR

Data Protection Officer as a Service

  • If your business core activities involve the processing of personal data, you must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Our DPO Service gives you access to certified information security specialists who will provide expert knowledge of GDPR and data privacy best practice, and oversee the implementation of GDPR.

Besides the above, through our 100% GDPR compliant services, OPS guarantees that your activities will take place in a perfectly stable and legal environment.

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