E-commerce Solutions and Online Shopping

E-commerce campaign management

OPS offers support for managing e-commerce campaigns, a service that includes the creation of online shopping campaign strategies such as discounts, bundle offers and general promotions. These strategies rely on creative content to help you drive your initiatives. A very important part of this could be online surveys that will help you find out your customers opinions, tastes and needs.

Creative content services

OPS helps you deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Our content marketing services will maximize your results on lead generation, brand awareness and thought leadership. We envision using content marketing as a strategic approach focused on creation and distribution of valuable and relevant content. This way, we engage and retain the audience, with the purpose of driving profitable actions from clients.


We conduct, analyze and deliver professional reports on your subject of choice, tailored to your particular needs.

Content creation

We design optimized content for large categories of audiences from multiple markets and industries, in many languages, and multiple written and multimedia formats.

Channel distribution

Our proven expertise in this field enhances your communication capabilities, delivering an effective process of communication with your target audience.


Whether you already have a promotional strategy in place or not, or want to outsource creative design we offer unique ideas and valuable expertise.

Display advertising and creative design

We design and implement Embedded & Interruptive advertising formats for every kind of media, such as:

  • Normal screen: banner, billboard, filmstrip, portrait, pushdown, sidekick, slider, overlay, pop-up;
  • Mobile: filmstrip, mobile pull, mobile adhesion banner, full-page flux, mobile slider;
  • Digital video: filmstrip, ad control bar, time sync, extender, full screen;
  • Content sponsorship, Display affiliate ads

Social media channels content

Social media is a valuable channel for nurturing customer relationship, create awareness for your brand, and generate leads, reaching desired segments through a direct and accountable process.

For reaching smart objectives through social media, we have tailored customized tactics for:

  • Brand awareness;
  • Increased organic search efficiency;
  • Driving conversion.

Our creative team manages and delivers optimized content that offers many possibilities for:

  • Customer engagement;
  • Call to action messages;
  • Driving brand advocacy and word of mouth

SEM & SEO content optimization

Our techniques enable differentiation and increased website rankings in both sponsored and organic search results. We achieve this by using advanced techniques that enables a proper understanding of the subject in matter, selecting and implementing key subjects and terminology.

This process aims to achieve the optimum results in terms of increased traffic, and search perception impact, transforming and consolidating your site as an authoritative source. This eventually leads to organic growth and better customer experience.

Online customer and stakeholder surveys

Online surveys are an easy and cost-effective method to find out a real feedback from your subscribers/from your customers and stakeholders, to understand their opinions, tastes, even needs. Depending on the goal and subject you want to approach, OPS offers you several types of surveys:

  • Customer satisfaction / feedback campaign
  • Marketing research
  • Market research
  • Online research
  • Non-profit surveys - social subjects

We can prepare all these types of surveys for different channels distribution:

  • Web
  • Email
  • Phone

Structuring the survey it`s a complex process that need a strict following of few steps:

  • Research on the subject
  • Identify different typologies of stakeholders
  • Create questions and responses for each typology
  • Promote the survey out to the audience
  • Capture the participants` responses and prepare the final report
Our team is prepared to provide for you full services for this project, from research to the final report.

To find out more about our experience in this area, please see this case study.

Key components for online marketing

Our online marketing specialists are ready to promote your products and services, using the best tools and channels and obtaining the best results.

Online advertising

We have vast experience in managing complex advertising campaigns with serious budgets ranging between hundreds of thousands to millions of Euro. From creative design, channel integration, tracking, analysis and reporting, we have the expertise to optimize advertising campaigns, delivering personalized user experience, and generating quality leads in an efficient and cost effective way.

Effective online advertising strategies for which we are offering professional services are:


Our experience in managing PPC campaigns allows you to optimize revenues and cost and to reach your goals in terms of increased traffic, narrow targeting and segment and demographic coverage. Our process delivers the required efficiency in terms of ROI and return of investment.

The re-targeting methods are providing an effective way of engaging the customers who have not converted right-away, driving brand awareness and multiplying conversions.

Affiliation programs

We have tools and solutions for managing multichannel affiliation programs, for which we offer data integration for a multitude of strategies such as: SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, and display advertising.

Email marketing

At OPS, we developed an almost perfect direct email formula. Our marketing specialists offer you the CRITICAL direct email strategy. To find out more about this subject, please see the Email marketing paragraph.

Our online advertising services offers a variety of both template and customized formats. Reports include relevant and custom financial and marketing KPIs in a graphical form, that present a true and unbiased view of the campaign's performance. Such KPIs can be:

  • PPC - clicks, click through rate, conversion rate, CPA, CPC, impressions;
  • LEIR and other costs - Cost per Lead; Engagement; Impression; Referral and other costs;
  • Email marketing - delivery rate, bounce rate, email open rate, email CTR, unsubscribe rate, cost & revenue per thousand emails.


Nowadays cellphones have become an integral part of people’s lives and for every online marketing campaign; there is a mobile marketing strategy that will need to be addressed.

Mobile marketing campaigns like SMS, MMS, in-game-marketing or banner marketing are a highly effective way to promote products and services and to quickly communicate offers and promotions to a targeted group.

From our experience, over time, SMS marketing (or text marketing) puts you in direct contact with the consumers. Whenever people receive a text message on their cellphone, they usually read it, whether is wanted or not. This creates awareness for your products. It is a fast, effective and easy method to get your products across to a large number of possible consumers. It is also more inexpensive; therefore, it is cost-effective as compared to other marketing tools.

As our client, you can text only to those customers that you know will be interested in a given product or category and those that you know they afford to purchase the range on your offer.

At OPS, we provide perfect mobile marketing strategies, a service codenamed SMART SMS:

  • Sending different types of text messages, from simple information about new products, services, or events to redeemable mobile coupons with a quick expiration date and interactive poll questions and surveys that helps you gain valuable customer feedback. Our specialists help turn text messages into sales conversions and to build your social media following, by sending text messages with direct links to your web, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages;
  • Marketing integration: We put at your disposal a professional sending text message software tool that you can integrate in your promotional campaigns;
  • Attractiveness: Our creative team is ready to adapt text messages content to your brand identity and provide the perfect incentives;
  • Relevance is undoubtedly one of the most underrated components of text message marketing campaigns. Although most mobile subscribers are interested in receiving offers and information on their phones/devices, the offers must be relevant to their lifestyles. Because untargeted marketing campaigns are considered offensive by most subscribers and often lead to resentment, our solutions allow personalized marketing text messages targeted to a group of recipients, improving the quality and outcome of your communication.
  • Timing: We schedule sending strategies to ensure that all text messages pop up in your targeted consumers’ cellphones during the day. We can test and measure what timing works best for which text message.

With this strategy in mind, along with the help of OPS marketing specialists, you will soon discover that your marketing message is REALLY producing results!

Direct Email

The terms „direct email” and „direct marketing” have become almost synonymous. Direct email is a genuinely one-to-one medium that facilitates the communication of a very distinct and targeted message. From our experience, over time, the increasing volume of direct emails has contributed to an increasing consumer awareness of our client's products.

As our client, you can email only those customers that you know will be interested in a given product category and those that you know they afford to purchase the range on your offer.

At OPS, we have found the perfect direct email formula. Our marketing specialists offer you a CRITICAL direct email strategy consisting in:

  • Creative design: You are free to choose from our standard or custom templates. Our creative team is ready to fulfil your content and layout standards, according to your brand identity. Whether you choose a standard or a custom one, we assure you that each template is optimized to render beautifully across all screens, from the computer desktop to mobile devices;
  • Relevance: Our software allows sending personalized marketing emails to a group of recipients, improving the quality and outcome of your communication, thus making it more relevant and specific. We can customize everything from the subject line to attachments;
  • Inbox delivery: We do our best to ensure the highest deliverability of emails, which we accomplish with a unique technology of mailing server and IP reputation management;
  • Timing: We schedule sending strategies to ensure that all emails pop up in your targeted consumers’ inbox during their working day. This also expands to selecting certain days, months and even years. We can test and measure what timing works best for which email;
  • Integration: We put at your disposal a professional email software tool that you can integrate in your promotional campaigns, which can be used to send out press releases, newsletters and announcements to your customers, subscribers and partners;
  • Copy: We provide you the perfect copywriting ideas from subject line through to your mail signature;
  • A/B Testing: You are free to try different subject lines on small test groups, and then send the "winner" to the rest of your list. You can test as well other variables, such as delivery time, chosen template, gender, etc.
  • Landing Page - We help you turn emails into sales conversions. We show your customers exactly where you want them to go and make it quick and easy to complete any forms;

We also offer, on a regular basis, comprehensive reports to track your performance (bounces and unsubscribes, trends, opening and clicking rates, etc).

With this strategy in mind, along with email cost-effectiveness, it is no wonder that email marketing’s ROI often blows other direct marketing strategies out of the water.

Analysis, Segmentation and Profiling

Customer analysis

The analysis services we provide enables you to understand the important aspects in the relation customers have with your brand.

Our analysis reveals:

  • Key insights about customer thoughts, needs and wants;
  • What are the most important characteristics that determine quality in your customers mind;
  • Ideas of future characteristics that help you determine the right balance of your product and services.

Using a wide set of methods, including interviews (either by telephone or face-to-face), questionnaires (online or by mail) and focus groups, our specialists can help you find out what motivates consumers to buy or not to buy.

Customer segmentation and profiling

A market-segmentation approach is the best way of dealing with different customer needs.

OPS offers resources and dedicated people to help you be competitive by accumulating your customers into groups, to reduce costs. Our proposed segmentation allows your business to deal with various customer needs by focusing resources on particular customer groups with homogeneous requirements. Then you can target the most attractive groups to enhance effectiveness of your campaign.

OPS also provides loyalty schemes for increasing your consumers’ loyalty and stabilize your sales over time: money-off voucher campaigns, discounts, bonus cards, rewards, special events organized for members where they can buy limited-edition items not on offer to the general public, etc.

Customer Service Support

Whether we talk about sales, technology or services, THE CUSTOMER is the resource upon which the success of the business depends. The main role of Customer Relationship Services is to understand HIS needs and to make HIM happy. Our Customer Support department will find the best strategic pattern that suits your goals.

Customer Service Support

We help you to respond to customers’ expectations, to offer them satisfaction and to receive back their loyalty.

Our Customer Service Support center purpose is to support you build, maintain and manage customer relationship and to ensure vital tools for turning your company into a customer satisfaction oriented brand.

It is up to your customers to decide how they want to communicate with your company and it`s up to your company to respond appropriately through our Call Center. That`s why we offer you many customer support channels:

  • Phone;
  • Email;
  • Chat;
  • SMS;
  • Instant Message;
  • Social Media;

We offer your company various solutions/services:

  • Inbound and Outbound Customer Service;
  • Inbound orders taking;
  • Email, fax or mail Order Data Entry;
  • Mail and Email correspondence;
  • Order status, shipment tracking and claims;
  • Order processing;
  • Sales assistance;
  • Complaint management;
  • Returns management;

Before beginning the project, our team is prepared to help you accomplish all steps for starting an excellent Customer Relationship Management Service project with us:

  • 1. Analyse the project;
  • 2. Set-up the customer relationship strategy;
  • 3. Set-up necessaries tools for the project (the IVR for inbound calls, templates for emails etc.);
  • 4. Train the team involved in the project;

To sum up, OPS team will help you throughout the project to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • Reduce customer effort;
  • Increase customer lifetime value;
  • Increase first contact resolution;
  • Better manage seasonal spikes.

Upsell and Cross-sell services

Cross-sells are an integrated part of our e-commerce communication fulfilment services that drive increased revenues by actively engaging and persuading customers to involve in a purchase activity, with an optimized ROI.

We offer also up-sell as part of our e-commerce fulfilment service, offering a direct increase in revenues managed by our integrated e-commerce platform - RAMSES. We use dedicated channels and solutions like our CRITICAL email marketing process and telemarketing communication services. To find out more about our e-commerce solution, please see the page dedicated for it in the Web and Online Development.

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