Case Study

Promotional campaign management

We know from experience that promotional campaigns are complex, time demanding and resource consuming. As is often the case, you have to find partners with proper expertise and infrastructure to help manage your campaigns.

Our commitment and experience made every managed campaign a true success.

One example of which we are proud of is that of a voucher promotional campaign of a multinational company from the automotive industry, which spanned for several months in 7 European countries. We were involved in this project from the beginning, which enabled us to design the campaign processes based on Hermes, our e-marketing platform.

Integrated solution

HERMES is an e-marketing platform for promotional campaign & marketing operations. It features e-commerce fulfilment and customer relationship support modules with full capabilities for marketing data integration, analysis and reporting. Because of this, HERMES was the solution of choice for all the operational management tasks/

Challenges & Responses

Based on the built-in capabilities of HERMES, we designed an integrated approach to respond to the challenges raised in this campaign.

For customer engagement and registration we implemented:

  • An integrated, multi language platform, for each of the 7 countries in which the campaign took place.

For promotional communication purposes we managed:

  • Newsletter and email preparation and distribution and mobile communication delivery.

To minimize the chance for fraud, that is present in any campaign we developed:

  • An anti-fraud management system, saving 15% of the total vouchers cost, which would have been the result of unfair claims.

Spanning over 7 countries, the delivery process had to be coordinated in accordance with field realities for which we:

  • tracked & traced the delivery process, using the HERMES capabilities.

For customer care:

  • HERMES enabled us to offer a coordinated response.

Results and future plans

HERMES was designed to respond to the real needs of promotional campaigns and marketing operations. The versatility and scalability of this solution has been tried and proven for many years, being critical to our partners’ success. We are continuously improving HERMES in response to complex market changes.

To find out more about how we can help you run state of the art promotional campaigns please contact us.