Case Study

Online customer and stakeholder surveys

One of our survey projects was targeted at a critical social problem. Our collaborator, an important NGO, asked us to find out how the society perceives this problem.

Integrated solution

The best solution was to create an adaptive survey, a research method that combines qualitative and quantitative collect information features and allows us to speed up the investigation process by gathering ideas and prioritizing them in the same research project.

Challenges & Responses

First, we used mass-media sources to search for information and various opinions about the subject and we classified all them in relevant categories. This way, we identified four temperamental profiles: choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic and sanguine.

Secondly, we created questions and answers to cover different typologies of behaviour, mentalities and positioning about this subject. Therefore, each participant received a new question depending on the last response offered, so we could group all the participants according to their similarities. The personal attitude, the spontaneous reflexes, the dominants values, the resentments are few of considered criteria. In the end, we ask the same three questions for all the participants, but we could still compare the responses of each typology by comparing the direction of each respondent in accordance with them answers.

Results and future plans

The result of this adaptive survey offered our collaborators all information needed for their research. For more details about this survey and its results, please visit the site of the published survey result.

Our strategic and operational experience in this domain recommends us for any type of survey projects, even if we talk about the classic ones or the adaptive ones.

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