Case Study

HERMES E-commerce campaign management

OPS main target is to provide to its customers excellent services and a high level of satisfaction. We want to help you grow the demand for your products and we provide you with the perfect software solution adapted to your needs.

Integrated solution

Designed and developed by OPS, HERMES (Highly Extensible Relationship Management Engine Solution) is an on-line platform currently operated by several call centres around the world.

Hermes was designed to support in a smart and effective way the development of our client lines-of-business in e-commerce. It’s a multi-language platform that helps managing e-commerce operations/activities and it’s currently in use in multiple countries such as Romania, Poland, France and Italy.


  • An integrated digital platform that can access, maintain, report and deliver information from multiple sources and for any marketing purpose;
  • An adaptable multi-language platform used with many business methods and in many countries;
  • A real time digital storage solution;
  • A platform that enables access to any data, any time, from anywhere through network connectivity;
  • A tool that facilitates the understanding and prediction of consumers behaviour; this way we can up-sell or cross-sell correctly by anticipating customer needs;

Challenges & Responses

For one of our clients that runs multiple e-commerce websites, we are providing Hermes platform for up-selling and cross-selling operations.

When a "response" from a customer is received (as an order or a completed form or simply as a request for further information), the platform ensures that their request is processed within the time frame promised in the original communication. By using Hermes, the response is as efficiently and effectively as possible. And we call it "our fulfilment" to our customers.

On the other hand, as soon as a customer has been recruited, his details and purchase behaviour is stored in Hermes marketing database in real time. This information is, then, used to additional activity like up-selling & cross-selling with the individuals concerned.

Results and future plans

The benefits of using such a platform were that our clients obtained a more detailed understanding of consumer behaviour that led to a more effective use of their marketing resources in optimizing customers engagement.

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