Case Study

Customer Support

Since 2006, OPS provides Operational and Customer Care Services for one of its clients, an important Cosmetics Company based in France, with branches all over the world, including Romania.

Customer Support

OPS offer to this cosmetics company a great, knowledgeable and professional customer service, with extended hours of availability (74h/week).

Our Beauty Advisers are specialized in:

  • Identifying the customer's needs;
  • Recommending the appropriate cosmetic products for their skin or hair;
  • Receiving and processing phone or mail/email orders;
  • Dealing with Tele-sales and Telemarketing, including Up-sell and Cross-sell;
  • Offering information about all products and services;
  • Handling and managing all suggestions and complaints.

Team Management and Performance Measurement

At the beginning of this project, we dedicated a team consisted of 7 people, but in just three years, the volume increased so much that we needed a team of nearly 8 times higher.

Right now, we have approx. 50 people dedicated to this project: one Project Manager, one Call Center Manager and more than 40 Beauty Advisers managed by 5 Supervisors.

The entire team is involved in the performance measurement process, with the same goal: to always improve.

Each Supervisor trains, evaluates and coaches his own team. Helped by the Call Center Manager and the Project Manager, the Supervisors establish work procedures, scripts calls and activity plans and they analyse the results.

The entire team uses the PDCA management method to control and to continuous improve processes and procedures:

  • Plan, establishing the objectives;
  • Do, executing the implementation;
  • Checks the results;
  • Acts in accordance to the objectives/results.

The Project Manager analyzes and provides to our client activity reports, proactive feedback and new ideas about how we can increase customers satisfaction, and maintains a close business relationship with him.

Our care for detail, our flexibility and our inventiveness in finding the best solution for each of our clients and their customers offered us a great experience and a constant improvement of our Operational and Customer Care services.

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