About OPS

Established in 1996, we were originally the IT and the logistics departments of a mail order company which started activity in 1993.

Investment in equipment, computers and software has surpassed 3 million dollars. Therefore, we have plenty of facilities and equipment.

  • Over 800 square meters of office space
  • More than 1500 square meters of production and storage
  • More than 60 call-center operating stations
  • Database management servers with virtually unlimited capacity
  • High capacity digital production system
  • High capacity mailing delivery, manufacturing and processing system
  • Email marketing system technology
  • Professional photo and video systems
  • Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

Our way of doing business is straightforward: we observe the customer's needs and this indicates us what to do. How to do it is something else: the answer to this question is given by cutting-edge technologies. In order to be able to offer the most profitable solutions, we strive to constantly improve and assimilate the most modern technology available.

Speaking of technologies, we would like to mention:

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
  • .NET Software Framework
  • LAMP Open Source Development
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL/MariaDB
  • Mobile Application Development

We use Agile Project Management, Workgroup and Collaborative Software, etc.

The management system, although it seems complex and sophisticated, remains as simple and direct as possible: for maximum responsiveness and flexibility, our clients are working with a designated OPS Account Manager.

How do we guarantee our clients' success?

  • First, because the collaboration history with of all our clients, since 1996 until now, is a continuous success.
  • Second, we are as young as we were in 1996! This is proven by the fact that, on the Romanian market, OPS was always the first to adopt and implement the latest technologies.
  • Last but not least, our company is a large family. We have the same vision so we are driven in the same direction: our goal is the clients' satisfaction and the success of their projects.

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