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E-commerce Solutions and Online Shopping

  • E-commerce campaign management
  • Key components for online marketing
  • Customer service support
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Promotional Marketing Campaigns

  • Campaign design and management
  • Campaign execution and analysis
  • Customer relationship management support
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Web and Online Development Services

  • Website creation and design
  • Online development and hosting
  • Shopping carts and Payment processing
  • Rapid application development
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E-commerce Solutions and Online Shopping

OPS offers support for managing e-commerce campaigns, a service that includes the creation of online shopping campaign strategies such as discounts, bundle offers and general promotions. These strategies rely on creative content to help you drive your initiatives. A very important part of this could be online surveys that will help you find out your customers opinions, tastes and needs.

Creative content services

OPS helps you deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. Our content marketing services will maximize your results on lead generation, brand awareness and thought leadership. We envision using content marketing as a strategic approach focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content. This way, we engage and retain the audience, with the purpose of generating profitable actions from clients.

  • Display advertising and creative design
  • Social media channels content
  • SEM & SEO content optimization
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Online customer and stakeholder surveys

Online surveys are an easy and cost-effective method to receive real feedback from your subscribers, customers or stakeholders, to understand their opinions, tastes, even needs.

Depending on the goal and subject you want to approach, OPS offers you several types of surveys:

  • Customer satisfaction / feedback campaign
  • Marketing research
  • Market research
  • Online research
  • Non-profit surveys - social subjects
We can prepare all these types of surveys for various channels

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Online advertising

We have vast experience in managing complex advertising campaigns with serious budgets ranging between hundreds of thousands to millions of euro. From creative design, channel integration, tracking, analysis and reporting, we have the expertise to optimize advertising campaigns, delivering personalized user experience, and generating quality leads in an efficient and cost effective way.

  • Search
  • Affiliation programs
  • Email marketing
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Analysis Segmentation and Profiling

  • Customer Analysis
    The analysis services we provide enables you to understand the important aspects in the relation customers have with your brand.

    Our analysis reveals:

    • Key insights about customer thoughts, needs and wants;
    • What are the most important characteristics that determine quality in your customers mind;
    • Ideas of future characteristics that help you determine the right balance of your product and services;
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
    A market-segmentation approach is the best way of dealing with different customer needs.
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Nowadays cellphones have become an integral part of people’s lives and for every online marketing campaign, there is a mobile marketing strategy that will need to be addressed.
Mobile marketing campaigns like SMS, MMS or banner marketing are a highly effective way to promote products and services and to quickly communicate offers and promotions to a targeted group.

At OPS, we provide perfect mobile marketing strategies, a service codenamed SMART SMS:

  • Sending flexibility
  • Marketing integration
  • Attractiveness
  • Relevance
  • Timing
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Direct Email

The terms „direct email” and „direct marketing” have become almost synonymous.

Direct email is a genuinely one-to-one medium that facilitates the communication of a very distinct and targeted message.

At OPS, we defined the perfect direct email formula. Our marketing specialists offer you the CRITICAL direct email strategy consisting in:

  • Creative design
  • Relevance
  • Inbox delivery
  • Timing
  • Integration
  • Copywriting
  • A/B testing
  • Landing page
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Upsell and Cross-sell services

Cross-selling is an integrated part of our e-commerce communication fulfilment services that drive increased revenues by actively engaging and persuading customers to involve in a purchase activity, with an optimized ROI.

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Customer Service Support

Our Customer Service Support center purpose is to support you build, maintain and manage customer relationship and to ensure vital tools for turning your company into a customer satisfaction oriented brand.

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Warehousing and Stock Management

  • Secure warehouse
  • Short and long term professional storage
  • Custom order management system
  • Storage linked to the order fulfillment process
  • Real-time inventory reporting
  • Available for conecting to customer shipping software

Order Fulfillment

  • Automated printing of delivery and billing documents
  • Pick and pack orders (whenever and wherever you need)
  • Online status reports
  • Order shipment
  • Returns management and handling of returned parcels
  • Goods sorting and restocking
  • Order refunds
  • Tracking and retrieval of lost orders

To find out how we can help you, contact us today. We would love to work with you to improve your business processes, making them run more smoothly and efficiently.

Digital Marketing

Promotional Marketing Campaigns

We deliver valuable services for promotional marketing campaigns. Our solutions are based on years of experience and innovation and are specially designed for Pre-campaign research and analysis, campaign management, execution and customer relationship management support.

Campaign Management

Research and Analysis

Our research and analysis service enables you to understand the market and your customers, to define your products and services, and to develop professional marketing campaigns. We are offering a wide range of quantitative and qualitative customer data analysis for developing an effective campaign strategy.

Our customer analysis service aims to better understand the customer needs and to focus resources on important customer groups with homogeneous requirements. This enables targeting the most attractive groups to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign strategy.

Our analysis reveals:

  • Key insights about customer thoughts, needs and wants;
  • What are the most important characteristics that determine quality for the customers;
  • Ideas of future characteristics that will help you determine the right balance of your product and services.

Our customer analysis service aims to better understand the customer needs and to focus resources on important customer groups with homogeneous requirements. This enables targeting the most attractive groups to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign strategy.

Online surveys are a proven method for profiling and deep-qualifying leads with a minimum cost per lead (CPL). We design surveys and manage the delivery methods via embedded advertising, email, CTA’s on social media, or any other channel that is appropriate to your particular type of campaign.

Campaign Design

We designed the APPEAR process as a response to real challenges of promotional marketing campaigns.

Our solution improves overall campaign efficiency, customer experience, and costs. The APPEAR system is a lean approach, perfected over the years, that provides effective results for time demanding, resource consuming campaigns.
The APPEAR system is composed of several phases:

  • Assessment

    We start by assessing campaign goals and describing them in a measurable fashion. Other campaign requirements, duration, localization, channels used, audience, budgets and costs are also defined in this phase. Once every major characteristic rigorously defined, the requirements are translated into processes.

  • Process Planning

    We design optimized, flexible processes, by defining and testing particularized solutions, using state of the art digital tools and solutions. Operating, control, analysis and reporting KPIs and procedures are set for every process.

  • Execution

    Resources are allocated and processes are implemented. After that, execution is set in accordance with the outlined procedures established in the previous phase, delivering the desired service quality. Costs and delays are carefully monitored and controlled.

  • Analysis

    All campaign’s KPIs are continuously monitored and their behaviour is compared to the established buit-in model, emphasising their performance.

  • Reporting

    We design reports for accessibility and usability, to both offer unique insights and support effective strategies for customer engagement, retention, brand awareness, and lead generation. For every process, predefined or custom marketing, sales and financial operational reports are drafted and delivered as scheduled, throughout the campaign.

Based on the APPEAR process, we developed specialized solutions, such as HERMES. HERMES stands for Highly Extensible Relationship Management Engine Solution, which is an e-marketing platform for promotional campaign & marketing operations.

To find out more about Hermes, please see this case study of an international voucher-based promotional campaign spanning 7 countries, which was managed by using this integrated digital solution.

To find out more about how we can help you run state of the art promotional campaigns, please contact us.

Campaign Execution

Profiling, Segmentation and Analysis

We believe that a market-segmentation approach is the best way of dealing with different customer needs and it will help you:

  • Reduce costs. Our proposed segmentation allows your business to deal with various customer needs by focusing resources on particular customer groups with homogeneous requirements. Then you can target the most attractive groups to enhance effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Increase your consumer’s loyalty and stabilize your sales over time. OPS provides loyalty schemes: money-off voucher campaigns, discounts, bonus cards, rewards, special events organized for members where they can buy limited-edition items not on offer to the general public, etc.
  • Understand customers behaviour and predict future reactions. This is a key aspect and one of the most valuable service in the development of future campaign tactics and strategies. With a large variety of methods for collecting and analysing customer’s past and present behaviour, our analysis aims to better explain relevant behavioural trends.
  • Analyse the lifetime value of your customer database. OPS offers thorough analysis of your customer database, such as the cost of acquisition, the rate of churn, estimating the costs and revenues that will be associated with managing important aspects of customer acquisition, conversion, and nurturing, throughout the campaign’s duration.

Data Processing

Our data processing capabilities activates the true value of your data, transforming the initial "lump of coal" database in a "diamond asset", that can become the basis of your growth.

Data cleansing

We detect and eliminate errors and inconsistencies, for data improvement.

Data parsing

Single strings of data are divided in multiple strings, then inserted in the required fields in accordance with data relevance.

Data standardization

Data must be aligned to the required model in terms of data structure. Data standardization is the process of transforming each initial information, in accordance with the required model of the new database.

Data correction

Errors can result from several causes, such as: inconsistent use of abbreviations, phonetic transcription errors caused by misspellings or outdated information.

Data de-duplication

We identify and eliminate duplicate data and inconsistencies.

Data merging

Data from a large variety of sources are merged and integrated in a new database, ready to support you business processes

Personalized Printing

We are offering complete solutions for production of promotional materials, packaging, or artistic and personalized printing.

Finishing operations are among the most diverse such as: stitching, stamping, lamination, using special colours, screen printing, selective lacquering.

We process both small volumes by using digital equipment and large volumes using high capacity equipment.

Packaging and Delivery

We offer the entire range of logistic support services for promotional campaigns, based on specialized personnel, a production area of 120 square meters and a depositing area of 960 square meters.

We provide the following operations for promotional materials:

  • Handling deposit procedures;
  • Personalized labelling and specialized packaging operations;
  • Professional software inventory, with online interface and remote access;
  • Preparation for shipment;

Customer Relationship Support

In order to provide optimum service quality, we are using our integrated processes and digital solutions, delivering complete fulfilment services and specially-tailored customer relationship support for various types of marketing campaign and operations.

We implement and execute customer service processes and operations set in accordance with the overall campaign goals, acknowledging this as one of the critical aspect to every promotional campaign and marketing operation, and a important factor that determines competitiveness.

User experience

The user experience is one of the most important analysis, a subject for which we have developed and implemented a range of research methods to accurately, measure, analyse and report important KPIs such as:

  • Brand awareness;
  • Customer attraction, interaction, purchase habits, use, and advocacy;

Customer engagement

We manage and deliver all the desired customer communication to the selected audiences using our integrated digital platform – HERMES for multiple channels.

Our approach aims to increase the percent of fully engaged customers, also increasing revenues and campaign success.

To find out more about HERMES and its capabilities, please see the section for web software development and online solutions and advertising, and this case study where we explain how we have used HERMES for a large promotional campaign.

Software Development

Web and Online Development Services

The online business environment is a lot more than just websites. It’s a flexible environment filled with opportunities and can improve processes, enhance business performance or even solve problems.

Nevertheless, to benefit from its full potential, you need access to the latest online technologies and technical expertise. And that is our business. Our team has the professional competence and technical savviness to develop exactly what is needed to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you're a company just starting out or an established businesses needing custom development, whether you need a smart landing page or a complex content management system, a web service API or an e-commerce system, we will love to help you out.

Rapid Application Development

To reduce the time between the moment a business feels the need for a new solution and the moment when the solution is ready to use, we focus on all the elements involved, from development to integration and testing and to the final deployment.

To develop your product as fast as possible, for software development we use the Agile principles, a set of methods based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions are continuously evolving through collaboration between cross functional teams.

Our Area of Expertise


  • PHP and MySQL development for Linux servers.
  • Ajax technology and Dynamic Web page updates.


  • A number of our .NET Framework solutions were successfully tested and certified by various Microsoft platform tests.
  • OPS currently holds the Microsoft Partner Silver Application Development competency.


  • We have a wealth of experience with online payment processing systems.
  • Whether you need promotions, advertising or logistics, we know how to help you provide a better experience to your online customers.


  • Our customization technology allows you to treat every customer like a VIP.
  • You can select the way you’re addressing your customers based on personal profile, communication history, orders history or their own personal preferences.


  • We have a vast experience in setting up and customizing content management systems.
  • If you need new features, we are proficient in developing custom modules.
  • We also put you in complete control to your website, while assisting you with any needs or questions.


  • To provide the best possible service for our clients, we host all our online systems in the cloud.
  • We focus to provide fast, reliable, scalable and cost effective hosting solutions.
  • We select trustworthy, reliable partners to ensure that our solutions reliability fulfills all expectations.


  • After the solution was deployed, we can continue as a side partner through support and consultation for as long as it is needed.

Samples of Our Projects

Online CRM solutions

Find out more about our Highly Extensible Relationship Management Engine Solution - HERMES

Reporting platform with data mashup capabilities

Multi-stores e-commerce systems

High performance database caching solution

Online analytical processing (OLAP) development

Web-based solution for real-time inventory management

Online campaign management application

Online solutions for contact centers

See here one of our Windows Server certified products

Secure web services

for data exchange between mobile Apps and back-end databases

We pride ourselves in our versatility, and our ability to apply industry standard techniques to create customized solutions, either from scratch or using well established open source technologies.

To find out how we can help you, contact us today. We would love to work with you to improve your business processes, making them run more smoothly and efficiently.

About OPS

Established in 1996, we were originally the IT and the logistics departments of a distance selling company which started activity in 1993.

Our company shareholding is one third Swiss and two thirds Romanian.

Investment in equipment, computers and software has surpassed 3 million dollars. Therefore, we have plenty of facilities and equipment.

  • Over 800 square meters of office space
  • More than 1500 square meters of production and storage
  • More than 60 call-center operating stations
  • Database management servers with virtually unlimited capacity
  • High capacity digital production system
  • High capacity mailing delivery, manufacturing and processing system
  • Email marketing system technology
  • Professional photo and video systems
  • Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

Our way of doing business is straightforward: we observe the customer's needs and this indicates us what to do. How to do it is something else: the answer to this question is given by cutting-edge technologies. In order to be able to offer the most profitable solutions, we strive to constantly improve and assimilate the most modern technology available .

Speaking of technologies, we would like to mention:

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2)
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform
  • .NET Software Framework
  • LAMP Open Source Development
  • Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Mobile Application Development

We use Agile Project Management, Workgroup and Collaborative Software, etc.

The management system, although it seems complex and sophisticated, remains as simple and direct as possible: for maximum responsiveness and flexibility, our clients are working with a designated OPS Account Manager.

How do we guarantee our clients' success?

  • First, because the collaboration history with of all our clients, since 1996 until now, is a continuous success.
  • Second, we are as young as we were in 1996! This is proven by the fact that, on the Romanian market, OPS was always the first to adopt and implement the latest technologies.
  • Last but not least, our company is a large family. We have the same vision so we are driven in the same direction: our goal is the clients' satisfaction and the success of their projects.

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